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The Zefira

Willing to bet you have never seen a sail boat as luxurious as The Zefira… “Zefira, a magnificent, lean aluminium and carbon 50 metre yacht. A project in which, together with our designers, we put our heart” Experienced european owners brought together a top team of Dubois, Fitzroy and Tessier to produce their dream yacht: […]


No garage? Small Driveway? Too many cars? Cardok is the answer! This hydraulic parking solution can lift as much as 3 tons and takes as little as 30 seconds to raise. They should only set you back $61,000.00 – $72,000.00 Check them out here

432 Park Avenue

Not only is 432 Park Avenue one of the most luxurious apartments in New York City it is also the tallest. Standing tall above all its neighbors at 1,396 feet the luxury condominiums at 432 Park reserve themselves for the upper elite. Starting at a measly 7 million dollars and all the way up to […]

Shirt Shuttle MK3

Never unpack a wrinkled shirt again with the Shirt Shuttle MK3. The shirt Shuttle is the design-led shirt case. Designed using curved edges, around which the shirt is wrapped, to minimize creasing, the shirt shuttle is the ultimate solution to your commuting needs. Whether you run, cycle or fly to the office, the Shirt Shuttle’s […]

Twist World Travel Adapter

Never worry about plugs again! Twist World Travel Adapter is an ultra-portable universal adapter designed to work around the world. It offers much more functions and makes charging your mobile devices much easier. Some of its functions include, 4 USB ports for charging, universal outlet and the intuitive twist-to-change adapter designed it fit in wall sockets in 150 […]

Richard Mille 59-01 Tourbillion

Developed in collaboration with our partner Yohan Blake, one of the fastest men in the world, this model has the personality of a hero. It is a wristwatch designed to be capable of cutting through air, so we designed it like an extremely light arrow. It’s asymmetrical, streamlined and aerodynamic shape has the lowest possible drag coefficient […]

New Bentley EXP Concept

  See the future of Bentley’s design ambition. Today. This is a first look at our British interpretation of a pinnacle luxury, high performance two-seater sports car. A bold statement, and one which reflects Bentley’s progressive ideology in the use of ultra-modern automotive design, highly skilled handcrafting, the finest materials and advanced performance technology. It […]